Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.

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Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.
100100% quality guarantee

We take quality as priority, and take goods inspection for every order.


More than 20 years of production experience and partners

one team

Sales department/merchandise department/development department offer service, instead of only one salesman.  

Infinite possibilities

We have infinite possibilities and energy to innovate, we accept innovative ideas from customers and help to achieve them.

Company History

Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.
Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.

What can Eaglesight do for you ?

Eaglesight takes its roots from China since 1998, when the founder and the current CEO, Denise Zhang, got inspired to start the business in camping sphere in order to supply others with camping gear, as she used to be having many outdoor activities and had a lack of equipment at the time.

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Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.

Our Mission

Twenty years as a day, EAGLESIGHT focuses on the products design, research and development, manufacturing and related services of logistics supporting; help hundreds of enterprises and companies worldwide in the field of outdoor equipment sales producing the most fashionable, comfortable, safest and environmental friendly outdoor equipment; let the outdoor equipment become the "art" of every family, and let more people fall in love with outdoor sports and healthy life.

Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.

Our Value

EAGLESIGHT,the best service provider on outdoor equipment in China, is founded in 1998.
As with many companies, EAGLESIGHT originated from a dream of its founder, the outdoor sports fancier Denise, 20 years ago in the Lake of Nam Co in Tibet: enable more people in the world could enjoy the happiness and

As an environmentalist

As a community builder

Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.

Our Manufactories

EAGLESIGHT advocates people live in harmony with the nature and protect the nature that people are rely on survival. From the selection of materials to every step in the transportation process, the carbon dioxide emissions are minimized as much as possible which contributed to many classic works with the cooperative outdoor brands… More

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Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.

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  • TSNT01246532
  • ISO9001(2008)
  • Air pump-JH-618A12 test report
  • Sleeping bag temperature standard detection
  • Tent fabric flame retardant test in Canada
  • Tent fabric flame retardant test tianjin
  • Certificate

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