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What EAGLESIGHT can do for you?

• OEM: If you are looking for a reliable supplier and manufacturer for your business, Eaglesight is your best choice. Eaglesight has been working in the outdoor gear industry for more than 20 years. We have a complete and mature supply-chain management system to make sure your products manufactured exactly as you request. And we have NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to protect your design and patent. You can count on us!

• ODM: If you are looking for products for your business, Eaglesight has a lot of original designed products for you to choose from! We have a team of very talented designers working on new ideas and designs, making innovative products to the industry. And also, we invest in researches for new materials and new technologies, like recycled fabrics, to reduce the waste and pollution during the production. Your customers love the nature. So do we!

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• Prototyping Service: If you want to make your ideas and designs into real products, we can help you putting your ideas and designs into prototype and sample for testing. And with 20 years’ experience in the outdoor gear industry, we would provide our professional ideas and suggestions to you, helping reduce the waste of making incomplete samples. We are happy to help realizing your ideas and dreams!

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In 2021, we have already been working with more than 65 clients, from over 30 countries all around the world! And the number is only growing. We are keeping very close cooperation.

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Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.

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Besides our general business, we have brought pilled fiber into the market, which is an environmental friendly replacement of animal down, and has enormously reduced the terrible pollution caused in the process of down-filled material. Another revolutionary product which EAGLESIGHT is involved in is an incredible wood stove. It brings the thermal energy efficiency as much as a propane stove does. There are more environmental friendly and innovative products coming up! We are doing our best to protect the Mother Earth.

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