Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.

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Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.
100100% quality guarantee

We take quality as priority, and take goods inspection for every order.

1818 years

More than 18 years of experience in the management of supply chain in outdoor equipment production industry

1not 1 salesman only, but team service

Sales department, merchandise department and development department offer customers service as a whole

Infinite possibilities

We have infinite possibilities and energy to innovate, and we accept innovative ideas from customers and help to achieve them.

Company History

Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.

What can Eaglesight do for you ?

Founded in 2002, EAGLESIGHT was officially registered in 2006. Since then, Eaglesight has gradually focused on the coordination between customers and manufacturers for the design and production of professional grade outdoor equipment.

Since 2016, Eaglesight has begun to provide prepotyping service for some innovative companies. We can do this because we have gathered a team, combined with top talents in some industrial fields in China via various cooperative relationships. All the members of this team own at least a production and a development facility. Relying on this team, we helped 5 customers create their new products in 2019,including Exped.

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Our Partnership

Eaglesight and its partners at the supply chain have maintained a mutual trust and benefits relationship since the beginning. Generally, we work with our main suppliers together as their global sales agent. Sometimes, we become a shareholder by investing in machinery or by providing financial support to our suppliers. When innovators and designers work with us, they share the benefits with us, just like the way of IKEA.  With 18 years of solid work, Eaglesight has developed and accumulated quite a lot excellent business partners in outdoor sports industry. more


Our Vision

Though Eaglesight has grown up a lot these years, its dream has not come true so far. Striving to be the best supplier in the outdoor equipment industry had been a vision of Eaglesight for many years. However, Eaglesight gradually realized that even if this was fulfilled,how much it does mean to our real lives, to the nature and society we depend on, and to our children? Especially, the environment has been so badly and quickly damaged that more and more children can’t even find a suitable trail to walk in their surroundings, needless to say a clean campsite for outdoor play. Wherever we live in, whatever we believe in, after all we are all children of the earth. Therefore, we decide to dedicate ourselves to help heal the earth, through our work. This thinking unlocked the potential of us.

Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.

Our Value

Besides our normal business, we brought pilled fiber to the market, which is an environmental friendly replacement for animal down and enormously reduced the terrible pollution caused by the procession of down-filled material. Another revolutionary product Eaglesight was involved in is an incredible wood stove. It brings thermal energy efficiency as much as a propane stove does. There are still a lot of environmental friendly and innovative products coming soon......We are doing our best to do what we can to protect the earth.

As an environmentalist

As a community builder

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Dalian Eaglesight Corp., Ltd.

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  • TSNT01246532
  • ISO9001(2008)
  • Air pump-JH-618A12 test report
  • Sleeping bag temperature standard detection
  • Tent fabric flame retardant test in Canada
  • Tent fabric flame retardant test tianjin
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