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Light Weight Adjustable Aluminum Travel Hiking Walking Trekking Pole With EVA Foam Handle

Item No: ES pole 05


Extended Size: 135 cm (53")

Material: 7075 Aluminum

Handle Material: Cork & EVA Handle

Wrist Strap: Nylon

Weight: 300 g

Color: Black, Silver, Customizable

Logo: Customizable

Use: Camping, Mountaineering, Hiking, Trekking, Adventure, Expedition, Backpacking


* Aluminum Pole, Ultralight, Supportive and Durable.

* EVA Grip and Strip prevent slipping from your hand.

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Material: 7075 Aluminum

Size: Folded Size: 63 cm (25"). Extended Size: 135 cm (53"), 3 Sections

Color: Black, Silver, Customizable

Logo: Customizable

Handle Material: Cork & EVA Handle

Wrist Strap: Nylon

Stick Tip: Carbon Tungsten Steel

Accessories: Rubber Tip/Trekking Basket

Weight: 300 g

Use: Camping, Mountaineering, Hiking, Trekking, Adventure, Expedition, Backpacking


Adjustable Travel Hiking Walking Trekking Pole With EVA Foam Handle

Adjustable Travel Hiking Walking Trekking Pole With EVA Foam Handle


When you are ready to buy trekking poles, do you know the structure of the trekking poles? Why does the price differ greatly while trekking poles look almost the same? Please read the following instructions.

The Trekking pole consists mainly of six parts, Handle, Wrist Strap, Pole, Locking System, Trekking Baskets and Pole Tip.

1. Handle

The handle is usually made of EVA, rubber, cork, plastic and other materials. Different material has different characteristics: 

  • EVA: Very comfortable grip, flexible, not affected by seasons. EVA can absorb the hand sweat (Wicking Function);

  • Rubber: Fully sensible grip. Harder in winter and easy to crack.  Rubber does not have the sweat-absorption function (Wicking Function) so that it is easy to slip off hand in summer;

  • Cork: Fully Sensible grip, not affected by seasons. Cork can absorb the hand sweat (Wicking Function), but it is easy to wear and tear;

  • Plastic: Not perfect for making a grip. It is easy to crack in winter and slip in summer. But the cost is low, cheap and convenient.

2. Wrist Strap

This is the most important part to consider when buying a trekking pole. Because the altering of the trekking pole and the user's body force is mainly through the wrist strap. Therefore, the following characteristics should be taken into consideration when selecting high quality wrist strap, wider in the middle and narrower on both sides to prevent slipping off the hand, wrist strap adjustment buckle set in the connection with the trekking pole, not in contact with the hand, to prevent the hand hurting; The inner side of the wrist strap is made of suede anti-friction material, which effectively protects the skin.


The material of the trekking poles is usually made of aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, titanium alloy, wood, steel and the like, among which aluminum alloy and carbon fiber are the most widely used. The several materials have the following characteristics:

  • Aluminum Alloy: durable, low price, but heavier and easier to be corroded than carbon fiber.

  • Carbon Fiber: lightweight, good elasticity and toughness, high strength ratio, corrosion resistance but high price.

  • Titanium Alloy: lightweight, good elasticity and strength, corrosion resistance and highest price of the three materials.

4.Locking System

The locking system is a core part of the trekking pole safety components. 90% of the trekking pole problems are because of locking system failure. Cheap trekking poles mostly use plastic parts which are easy to deform, while the high-end trekking pole are using high-rigid and precisely cut plastic (crystal) parts. Such as the industry recognized advanced locking systems, like Black Diamond's self-developed Flicklock joint locking system, Robinson's patented SLS second-generation locking system, Wildview / Di is the 3LS security locking system.

5.Trekking Baskets

The trekking baskets can prevent the trekking pole from falling into the mud. When choosing trekking poles, you need to pay attention that the trekking baskets should be able to be quickly disassembled.

6.Pole Tip

Pole tips are normally made of rubber, iron, carbon tungsten steel. Carbon steel head is the hardest material, but also most expensive of all. Rubber is the cheapest material, but cannot cope with all the rugged outdoor terrain. Its abrasion performance is not as good as carbon steel.


Production Process



  • Certificate


  • ISO9001(2008)



Can I put logo on my sample?

Sure you can.

Can I choose color for the sample?

Yes. You can choose from our stock colors, or you can pay for dyeing your preferred colors.

Is the sample charge refundable?

Yes. The sample charge can be refunded once you place the batch order.

Why is the sample charge expensive?

Because it takes more human resource, time and material to make a sample out of a design or sketch than a batch product. And our designers also need to design the production process, which also takes human resource and time. So, the sample charge is more expensive than a batch product. The sample charge should be shared equally when the sample is put into products. Normally, it will take 3 ~ 7 days for our designers to make a sample.

How do you Protect my Design?

We can sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to guarantee that your design or patent won't be disclosed to other client or factory.

How do you Send the Sample?

We send the sample by DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT etc. You can arrange a pick-up at our office as well.
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