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IAT and EAGLESIGHT are Helping Young People in the Philippines!

November. 27, 2021

IAT is a non-profit NGO in Canada and the Philippines. For years they've been helping many promising students and young people in finishing their education to make their life better. Denise Zhang, the CEO of EAGLESIGHT, happened to meet the founder of IAT, Mr David Durrence. Denise learned about Mr Durrence's honorable stories, and was deeply touched by them. So Denise Zhang has made the decision to help these promising young students. We have donated a few laptops that these students need for finishing their educcation. And we would have further donation. By doing a little to help, we can make the life of these young people a lot better! To those who are willing and able to help, please join us! Let's make it a better world by helping these young people! Please visit IAT's web site and SNS for more info: IAT's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpedR4nvzjiqlMnis6fpOGQ

IAT's websit: http://www.iatcan.org/

IAT's facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iat.philippines

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