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Extended Family Travel UV Protection Luxury Camping Hotel Tent

Item No: safari 02


Fabric: Polyester cotton, Polyester cotton

Pole Material: iron tube

Lighting fabric: 0.5 TPU

Floor fabric: PVC mesh cloth

Area: 750X560X300cm(H)


Waterproof PU1500mm

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The designer's bright and beautiful orange-colored bills accentuate the elegant and stylish style, with a white inner account, making the whole tent look less heavy. The upper hook type design of the inner account is convenient for disassembly and convenient for washing, and the lower part adopts Velcro, which is more convenient to construct and enhances the wind resistance of the tent to some extent. Large square windows are light-filled, with a three-layer design, a layer of gauze, a layer of transparent PU, a layer of waterproof fabric, and excellent lighting to provide a good light for your journey.
The triangular design of the front and back doors enhances the overall stability of the tent, creating a safe, stable and comfortable living environment. The bottom of the tent is supported by angle iron with a little gap to prevent moisture and ventilation.
The interior of the hotel tent pays attention to the space combination in the combination design, making full use of every inch of space, can be used as a standard star hotel, interior separate washing area, accommodation area, meeting area, cooking area, and can also be equipped with refrigerator, shower, TV, sofa coffee table Furniture, chairs and other furniture, set decoration and application, avoiding triviality in the matching of accessories, generous and natural, exudes the rural atmosphere and cultural taste of youthful sunshine, making the originally boring corner space full of artistic atmosphere, greatly Improved aesthetics.


Fabric:Polyester cotton(Polyester 80%,cotton 20%)300G/M2, Water pressure resistance PU1500mm
Flame retardant, waterproof, water repellent, mildewproof
Lighting fabric: 0.5 TPU 
Floor fabric: PVC mesh cloth
frame: 28mm diameter,Wall thickness 12mm Iron pole

Fabric: Polyester cotton, Polyester cotton

Pole Material: iron tube

Area: 750X560X300cm(H)


Extended Family Travel UV Protection Luxury Camping Hotel Tent

Extended Family Travel UV Protection Luxury Camping Hotel Tent

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  • ISO9001(2008)



Do you have QC system?

Yes, we have a QC team for the goods inspection for every order. Every QC follows the same inspection SOP and use checkinglist to do the inspection.

How’s your QC system working?

We conduct random sampling and judge according to the inspection standard of AQL2.5. For some special orders and products, we also carry out in-production inspection.

What will you do after the inspection?

Send the inspection report and solution to customer.

How do you protect my design and patent?

We can sign NDA to guarantee your design won’t be released to other clients or factories.

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  • TSNT01246532
  • ISO9001(2008)
  • Air pump-JH-618A12 test report
  • Sleeping bag temperature standard detection
  • Tent fabric flame retardant test in Canada
  • Tent fabric flame retardant test tianjin
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