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Large Space Family Party Luxury Camping Hotel Oxford Tent House

Item No: safari 003


Fabric: Oxford Fabric 3000 mm PU coating, Waterproof

Floor Fabric: Oxford Cloth 5000 mm PU coating

Pole Material: Iron Pole

Pole Diameter: 25 mm High Quality Iron

Area: 400 × 360 × 245 cm, Customizable

Color: Orange, Customizable

Logo: Customizable

Use: Hotel, Party, Meeting, Family, Camping, Travel, Leisure, Wedding, etc.


* Spacious room for family

* Waterproof, Windproof, Stable.

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Large Space Family Party Luxury Camping Hotel Oxford Tent House

The designer's bright and beautiful orange-colored walls accentuate the elegant and stylish style, making the whole tent looks less heavy. 
The triangular design of the front and back doors enhances the overall stability of the tent, creating a safe, stable and comfortable living environment. The bottom of the tent is supported by angle iron with a little gap to keep ventilation and prevent moisture.
The designer has paid attention to internal space combination, making full use of every inch of space inside so that the house tent can be used as a standard starred hotel. The interior of the tent is separated into washing area, accommodation area, meeting area, cooking area, and can be equipped with refrigerator, shower, TV, sofa, coffee table, chairs and other furniture. This design integrates decoration and application, avoids the triviality in matching accessories, is generous and natural, and exudes the cultural taste of rural flavor and youthful sunshine, which makes the originally boring corner space full of artistic flavor and greatly enhances the aesthetic feeling.



Small: 400 × 360 × 245 cm

Large: 600 × 460 × 285 cm


Small: Oxford Fabric 3000mm with PU coating, Waterproof

Large: Oxford fabric 2000mm PU coated, waterproof, high density gauze

Oxford cloth 5000mm PU coating
Dia 25 mm High Quality Iron

Small: 47 kg

Large: 57 kg

USEHotel, Party, Meeting, Family, Camping, Travel, Leisure, Wedding, etc.

Large Space Family Party Luxury Camping Hotel Oxford Tent House

Production Process



  • Certificate


  • ISO9001(2008)



Can I put logo on my sample?

Sure you can.

Can I choose color for the sample?

Yes. You can choose from our stock colors, or you can pay for dyeing your preferred colors.

Is the sample charge refundable?

Yes. The sample charge can be refunded once you place the batch order.

Why is the sample charge expensive?

Because it takes more human resource, time and material to make a sample out of a design or sketch than a batch product. And our designers also need to design the production process, which also takes human resource and time. So, the sample charge is more expensive than a batch product. The sample charge should be shared equally when the sample is put into products. Normally, it will take 3 ~ 7 days for our designers to make a sample.

How do you Protect my Design?

We can sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to guarantee that your design or patent won't be disclosed to other client or factory.

How do you Send the Sample?

We send the sample by DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT etc. You can arrange a pick-up at our office as well.
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